9 Best Moving Ways Around New Zealand

You would also want to return to New Zealand after your trip. How you are to go on your journey to New Zealand tour packages is one of the most important decisions you can take. Transport is a vital part of your trip’s enjoyment! The good news is that travel opportunities in New Zealand are virtually endless. Although some transport methods are ideal for budget travel, others offer an excellent experience for meeting other travelers or for traveling on an individual basis. We have put this list of the best ways of traveling around New Zealand together so you know all your choices.


Although not one mode of transport is better than the other in New Zealand, it depends on the kind of travel experience you are looking for. We have tried to outline the highlights and challenges of any transport system. For an even more thorough review of each transport process, see our list of advantages and drawbacks in What is the best way to get around New Zeland?


Meanwhile, let’s move on and list the best choices for traveling in New Zealand. This is how nearly all trips start in New Zealand.


  1. Buy Your Own Car


Do you go backpacking for more than a few months in New Zealand? Or job holidays in New Zealand? Then you can buy your own car and fly separately to New Zealand. This is a quick way to move people. If you sell your car at the end of your journey, it can be highly economic to buy your own car. However, it is difficult to buy/sell a vehicle and it can be costly to break down.


  1. Rent a Car


Hundreds of thousands of trips start with a rental car every year in New Zealand. For shorter travel in New Zealand, the way to independent and self-employed travel is to rent a vehicle. Although in New Zealand there are several car rental companies, it can be comparison missions to choose a company. Take a look at our Car/Campervan Renting Guide in New Zealand to help you understand your standards and how we can compare rentals.


  1. Buy Your Own Campervan


Again, if you have a lot of time to stay in New Zealand and still want to stay, think of buying a camper. Naturally, you need more maintenance than a vehicle, because you must take care of your facilities. Moreover, when you buy a campervan, there is more money to spend up-front. However, you can save a substantial amount of money on lodging over time by freely camping (for self-contained certified vans only) and using inexpensive campsites. Altogether, the purchase of a camper is one of the best ways to make your journey to New Zealand exclusive.


  1. Rent a Campervan


Another perfect way to start several trips in New Zealand is to pick up a camper. Why not rent a camp-car while traveling in New Zealand to the ultimate outdoors and maybe save a little cash on accommodation? Campervan’s rentals are available in a wide range of sizes and amenities and price points. If you want to have a freedom camp in New Zealand, i.e. a free camp, you need a licensed car. See what it really is like in New Zealand’s Freedom Camp.


  1. National Coach


InterCity is New Zealand’s only truly national coach operation. They sell cheap bus tickets from A to B to most New Zealand towns and cities, making the bus network the largest public transportation system in New Zealand. Plus, if you use the bus network a lot, you can get a bus pass to save money. Compare the busses on What is the difference between Bus Passes for InterCity Backpacker?


  1. Bus Tours


You don’t want to feel alone on your trip to New Zealand? Bus tours are a stress-free way to visit New Zealand in a limited period of time following fixed routes across the world. Bus rides normally include all rooms and most meals, and events can also be included. They are a nice way for you to travel with people like yourself when on a trip across New Zealand it was pretty sorted for you. This means, however, that bus tours appear to be much costly than other travel types.


  1. Hop-on Hop-off Buses


As a bus tour, hop-on-hop-off buses take a fixed route but allow passengers to hop in most places as long as they like and catch another bus later. The version of a bus tour is much more versatile, with but not mandatory lodging and activities. Moreover, you’re responsible for your own food. See What is a Hop-On Hop-Off bus, to learn about this transportation system to move around New Zealand. Each firm offers a broad range of trips in New Zealand so take a while before making a decision, to check all our advice.


  1. Train


Even if the train network is a great way to go to New Zealand, it does not have a sufficient transport network and just a few departures from New Zealand. However, trains in New Zealand have more to be seen as scenic and enjoyable for reaching Christchurch and Greymouth, which are much appreciated on the south island or Auckland and Wellington, North Island. However, you will probably need to combine travel with another mode of transport in this list for the rest of your travels.


  1. Plane


Plane travel is surely a choice to get around New Zealand with around 25 domestic airports linked by flights. Airplanes are normally a quick and economical way too long distances (usually between the North Island and South Island). They work more costly on their way to New Zealand, on other hand, when they fly less than a four-hour drive, so we suggest only long-haul flights accompanied by other transport. In short, aviation is the quickest way to fly in New Zealand, but you won’t miss it a lot.