Beas Kund Trek- The Offbeat Destination 



Beas Kund trek, a popular trek in Manali constitutes a perfect weekend getaway and will take you away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. It offers you spectacular views of Pir Panjal ranges over Beas river and the lush green meadows Dhundi and Bakarthatch and finally the glacial lake over Beas Kund which is worth watching. 

It is the most famous trek in Kullu valley. At the west side of Beas Kund is the magnificent peak of Hanuman Tibba set at an altitude of 5,990 meters above sea level. Hence constitutes an enjoyable and wonderful trek. 


Trekking Highlights:

-The trek offers breathtaking views that are superb for natural photography.

-Witnessing Inrasan, Hanuman, Nag Tibba and Deo Tibba peak which will leave you spell bound.

-Enjoying the serenity at the Solang Nallah and the Manu temple

-Unraveling the picturesque villages such as Goshal, Sannag and Burua

-Camping under the open sky and wild landscape 


About the Trek:


Base Camp : Manali

Difficulty : Moderate 

Highest point of trek : 12,100 feet

Nearest Railhead : 310 km

Region : Kullu Region

Starting point of trek : Manali



Beas Kund trek starts from Manali through Solang valley which is popular for providing some of the finest slopes of skiing. You have to follow the Beas river as you descend towards Solang valley till you reach Dhundhi. The entire landscape is surrounded with wild flowers and provides one the peaceful silence over the little mountains. After reaching Dhundi you set a camp and spend the night at Dhundhi. 

Next day the 6 kms trek will take you through small rocks deposited by a glacier and the area of full boulders. Further you will reach Bakarthatch and will get mesmerized to see its enchanting beauty. It is set at a high altitude where you feel such cool breeze and haven of calmness. 

The third day you trek to a small bridge which will take you to the Beas Kund peak. On your way you will see ranges of birch trees which will accompany your journey. The glacier at Beas Kund is the major attraction which will enlighten you and it is believed that sage Vyasa meditated there. Then after spending the day you will return to Bakarthatch in the evening. 

And on the last day you follow the same trek leading towards Solang with lots of memories and beautiful events. 

So pack your bags and let Beas Kund trek let your soul rejuvenate with utmost eternity. 

The best time to trek for Beas Kund would be March to October as April and May is the peak season. The trek is easy and no prior trekking is required for this trek. 


Places to Visit around Beas Kund:

  1. Kothi village is best for peace and serenity. It is about 16 kms from Manali on the way to Solang valley. The reminiscent of an old world charm is what moves you to a different place. Its sudden thermal springs, picturesque picnic spots and the calm of the village is what you must go to seek for.  
  2. Zanna falls lying a little uphill is a sight to behold. It has a hidden gem surrounded with overwhelming deodar trees, and snow capped mountains. The water rushing from a cluster of rocks and overlooks an old wood bridge is a sight which will capture your soul the most. So it is a must visit in the surreal hill station of Manali. 
  3. Nehru Kund is the best place for nature lovers as there is this natural spring that owes its origination to Bhrigu lake. It is said that our first prime minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru drank the clear crystal water of this spring which makes it a popular tourist spot. 
  4. Kardong is a peaceful complex set at an altitude of 11,480 feet. You can see the tibetan culture here to a great extent. It is also said that here Shiva and Parvati married according to Gaddi legend. It can be reached by a very challenging footpath or by driving.
  5. Gulaba is admired for its abundant natural beauty and magical aura. It is surrounded with snow capped mountains, the swirling Beas river and the small grasslands adds charm to the area. You can stop at Gulabo on the way to Rohtang Pass to treasure some moments of tranquility.