12 You can never miss the tourist attractions of Kerala.

God’s Own Country in Kerala is the desired destination to find a spot to spend your holidays in peace and relaxation.


Attributes such as peaceful beaches, magnificent hill resorts, cascades, majestic backwaters, a wide variety of biodiversity, lush greenery, exotic art forms, delicious cuisine, rich greenery, rich patrimony, architectural beauty, and more are described in the state launch.


Any time this season, select your vacation in Kerala and schedule it. For an unforgettable holiday in India, we list some of the most prominent places to visit in Kerala tour packages.




Alappuzha/Alleppey is a popular tourist destination in Kerala, popularly known as the ‘Eastern Venice’ The Alleppey’s lifeline is served by several canals, lagoons, and lakes. In 1762 the Divan of Travancore, Raja Keshawadasan, founded Alleppey.


The site is adorned by numerous cocoa trees and pristine backwater. The good weather is also a key factor in making the place a visit to Kerala a must. Alappuzha, therefore, is a place where you can seek a relaxing holiday in Kerala.




Although the place is a small location, Bekal is also an attraction for tourists from all over the world. The area is located in the village of Pallikare, Kasargod Kerala district. Many architectural magnificences make this small area a worth visiting destination. Peace is also one of the key features that make Bekal an ideal place to relax.




Kochi is a prominent destination in the list of popular tourist attractions in Kerala. The area is magnificently located on the west side of the Arab Sea and on the east side of the West Ghats. The World Travel and Tourism Board also recognizes the city as one of the three best tourist destinations. In addition, Fort Kochi has also gained a prominent spot in National Geographic Traveler’s “50 largest sites of a lifetime.” Many attractions are accessible, like Chinese fishing networks that win travelers’ hearts.




The city of Kovalam has situated 16 km from Kerala, with its four sandy bays. ‘Kovalam’ means ‘coconut trees groove.’ In 1930, the popular resort overcame the barriers and emerged as South India’s magnificent tourist destination.


Travelers who want a place to redefine peacefulness are Kovalam. The guests’ hearts will enjoy beautiful sands, water, and light. There are great beaches. Another key factor in making the location a nice experience is pleasant climate conditions.




Another must-visit destination in Kerala is Kumarakom, a tropical village. The famous Vembanad Lake has beautiful islands that draw tourists from all over for an unforgettable holiday. Luxurious greenery furthermore gives the place its untouched tranquility.


There are also many picnic spots, which make it great for family holidaymakers. This site is also a paradise for wedding visitors and inspires wonderful honeymoon and romantic ideas in India.




Munnar, a pretty mountain city, is a honeymoon paradise at an altitude of 6000 meters. The destination acted for the British Colonies as an ideal summer retreat.


In Munnar, the native flora and fauna, along with tranquility and natural beauty, also attracted visitors. Lush greenery also decorates the area and attracts tourists’ hearts.




In the list of major tourist destinations in India, Thekkady has taken a prominent standing. The exotic wildlife is also one of the key attributes of picturesque beauty that draw visitors from all over the world. Wildlife enthusiasts are also happy with nature lovers. Lush greenery makes the site a true traveling paradise.




Varkala also satisfies the need of adventure lovers, along with satisfying the interests of nature lovers and honeymooners. Many exciting events are planned, for example, paragliding and paragliding.


In addition, the architectural splendor of the place can be enjoyed by temples. Beaches are a perfect place for family, friends, and a particular person to spend quality time.




Vayal Nadu is the name Wayanad, meaning paddy fields (Vayal) and land (Nadu). Wayanad is a cozy place for nature lovers and wine lovers in the mist-clad mountains and lush greenery and intense forests.


In addition, this hill town is also praised for its exceptional environment and rare flora and fauna.




Periyar is an excellent place to stay in India with an exotic variety of flora and fauna. The Parco Nacional (National Park) was created in 1982, covering a central surface area of 140 m2 out of 357 m2 (925 sq km).


The Park is home to about 35 mammal species, 265 bird species, 45 reptile species, 40 fish species, and approximately 160 butterfly taxa. This is a national park in Periyar.


Both conserved and threatened species are protected. Also, nature lovers must visit the National Park because there are about 140 orchid species and 171 grass species.




Thrissur is the short name of Lord Shiva’s Thrissivaperror. One of the key qualities that attract tourists’ hearts is cultural and spiritual richness. It is also celebrated for accommodating diverse musical, cultural, and academic institutions.


The picturesque beauty of the place has also won the tourists’ hearts and drawn them to an unforgettable experience. One of the must-sees of the architectural splendor dedicated to Lord Shiva in the temple of Vadakkumnathan.




Gavi is a tiny village in the Kerala district of Pathanamthitta. The village is an absolute must in Kerala because its natural beauty is plentiful. In the evergreen forests, outstanding wildlife is praised. You will spot tiger, leopard, elephant, sambar, horse, gaur, deer, hawked lion, barking horses, and martens of Nigeria. The forest is also a bird’s paradise, as there are nearly 250 species of birds, both indigenous and migrant.