Matharan Trek-A Complete Guide



All about the place

Matheran is situated at a height of 803 m above sea level. Since 1907, a narrow gauge railway line connects Matheran to Neral in the plains. Matheran is a gorgeous location situated on the top of beautiful hills and the exotic beauty that you will find there will not be enough to fully complacent your desires. There are several vantage points offering spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valley.Matheran is a plateau with reasonably dense forest cover. Being a mountain resort, it is enjoyable almost all year round. In winter, nights can get a little cold. The best time to visit Matheran is post monsoon. It is truly spectacular at this time of year, with lush vegetation, waterfalls and the water-filled lake.

Best time to visit the place


For an ardent trekker, the best time to visit Matheran is post monsoon between October and November when the rains subside and waterfalls and streams spring out with a new rhythm. A quick 171 kilometer from Mumbai, Matheran is just an 8-square-kilometer patch of green on a Sahyadri peak dissected with foot trails culminating into breathtaking vantage points. The old-world quality of Matheran is manifest in its colonial-era bungalows, and not to mention the toy trains. The delight doesn’t fade with the onset of a reasonably chilly winter which finds the fog settling over streetlamps and the distant hills and valleys and the perspective they offer as you come out riding on horseback or hand-pulled rickshaw. By banning motor vehicles and non-vegetarian food to lower your carbon footprint, Matheran became the only hill station in the country to embrace an eco-friendly way of life and boasts an enduring beauty in every season.

How to reach the place


From Pune, take any train to Mumbai and get off at Karjat (about 95 km from Pune). Then take a local train bound for Karjat CST and get off at Neral (21 km, it would take about 15 min).

From Neral Station there is the so-called toy train that takes you to Matheran about 4 times a day. This toy train is not operational when the railway route is under maintenance or when there is a perceived danger, for example the monsoon. Unfortunately, the only way to find out is at the Neral station.Neral to Matheran tickets from November 2009 are 1st class ₹ 210, 2nd class booked 35Rs and 2nd class ₹ 20 without reservation. Tickets can be booked 3-1 days in advance and then on the day of travel 45 minutes before the train. The journey will be really exciting as it will guarantee a lot of things and surprises from nature that will blow your minds off.


  • Dodhani Waterfalls – Go For Waterfall Rappelling 
  • Chanderi Caves – Trek Through The Paths
  • Charlotte Lake – Go On A Trip
  • Louisa Point – Stop & Admire The View
  • Kalavantin Pinnacle – Get Ready For The Trek
  • Irshalgad Fort – Gear Up For Amazing Vistas
  • Little Chowk Point – Explore The Place
  • Ambarnath Shiv Temple – Seek Blessings
  • Rock Climbing – It’s Time For Some Adventure
  • Porcupine Point – Watch A Beautiful Sunset’
  • Neral-Matheran Toy Train – A Journey To Remember
  • Rambagh Point – Visit During The Dusk



Important Things to carry

  • Toilet facility will be available at the base village.
  • We advise participant with any medical issues /history not to opt for this event. Still If he/she does so, it should be at the participant’s risk. The management won’t be responsible for any incident.
  • Parking facility is available at Base village
  • Smoking/drinking/smoke up is strictly prohibited during the event. Anyone found doing so will be immediately expelled from the event.
  • We request you to go through the complete itinerary. Since it is a group event, we will not be in position to entertain any request of leaving early from the event. Respecting the fellow trek mates, please adhere to the schedule and take back lovely memories.




There are certain things one should take care of while planning for a trip like heart, lung , 

epilepsy or any other kind of patient should take extra care. Good quality shoes, waterproof 

bags,extra shoes, torches with extra batteries along with plenty of food,water and cash in case 

of emergency. 


Overall you will have an excellent time here. 2020 has been a challenging year but now its your 

time to put a foot forward and enjoy all the fun you missed last year. This place is definitely 

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