Why is it Essential to Consider Network Hospital Coverage while Buying Health Insurance?
Why is it Essential to Consider Network Hospital Coverage while Buying Health Insurance?

Not having a medical insurance to cover the treatment costs in today’s day and age is like throwing caution to the wind. Without a health insurance policy, the sky-rocketing treatment costs can often pave the way for a debt-trap leading to added mental stress. Thus, it is advisable you invest in health insurance plans based on your coverage requirement. An insurance policy helps to avail uninterrupted medical treatment without having to think about the finances. One such essential feature of health insurance plans that comes handy is having a coverage for network hospital. This feature further provides with facility of cashless cover wherein you can avail treatment at such network hospital without having to pay any amount upfront. 

Understanding the concept of network hospitals

When you purchase a health insurance policy, the insurance company has affiliations to various hospitals. These specified hospitals are known as network hospitals. A tie up with these network hospital benefits in availing the facility of cashless hospitalisation for you, the policyholder. With these tie-ups, availing treatment and reimbursing claims becomes a hassle-free and without any paperwork. You only need to provide your insurer’s identification card when availing treatment. All treatments not availed at such network hospitals requires you to pay for the medical procedures at first, followed by its reimbursement from the insurance company. Having the facility of cashless treatment at a network hospital especially for a family health insurance avoids the hefty payments for medical bills. 

The benefit of getting treated at a network hospital

The single largest advantage of seeking treatment at one of the insurer’s affiliated network hospitals is you no longer need to worry about making arrangement for settling the medical bills. The insurance company directly settles the payment for the treatment on your behalf with such network hospital thereby taking away the burden from you. Moreover, there is an increased chance of standardised available for any ailment. Since these network hospitals are assessed periodically for the medical infrastructure and its facilities, quality treatment is available with such network hospital. When buying health insurance for senior citizens, this fact must be noted so that you need not search for a medical facility as well as preserve your hard-earned savings for retirement. 

How do network hospitals work?

The procedure for planned and emergency treatments differs when it comes to a network hospital. For a planned treatment, you need to seek and appointment at your desired medical network hospital and inform your insurance company about the same. Once you receive an approval from your insurer, at the time of treatment, you must submit this approval at such network hospital. In case of emergency treatment, you are required to fill out a form at the network hospital which is then shared with the insurance company and the payment is settled within the available limits of your insurance plan. When you avail a treatment at a network hospital, the only expenses for which you need to pay are the ones not covered by your insurance policy.

To avail these above benefits, it is recommended you purchase a policy with your preferred network hospital. This way, you can seek timely treatment at a medical facility of your choice without having to worry about the payment for such treatment. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.